I was compelled to try Sport Suds laundry detergent because I don’t like my athletic clothing to have any smell at all.  I didn’t want my detergent to just remove the lingering odor of sweat but I didn’t want it replaced with “fresh linen” or “lavender garden” or “rustic pine” either.  I just ...


    The LEGACY DUATHLON has become a tradition.  This year was some of the best weather that we have ever had at this race.  Blue skies and mild temperatures.  The race course is very well setup because it utilizes the LEGACY path that is just off to the east of the LEGACY PARKWAY.  This is a […]
  • Princeton Tec REMIX RECHARGEABLE headlamp

    Princeton Tec REMIX RECHARGEABLE headlamp

    I have enjoyed using headlamps to keep me off the treadmill and on the trails for years.  Princeton Tec is the maker of high quality headlamps.  The PTEC REMIX RECHARGEABLE was my first test run with the brand.  Here is what I found: The REMIX has a long battery life.  Boasting a 36 hour burn ...
  • KOOBI 232T saddle review

    KOOBI 232T saddle review

    Getting the right bike saddle can be really tricky.  There are several varieties on the market that range from a traditional slim cycling seat to the newer split nose saddles that have varying space in the nose. You have flat saddles with a slim long nose and saddles with big cheek pads in the ...
  • #50WomenToKona launches TriEqual.com to promote equal opportunity for women in triathlon

    #50WomenToKona launches TriEqual.com to promote equal opportunity for women in triathlon

      TriEqual.com, a new web site dedicated to fairness, development and equality in the sport of triathlon, live since 27 March 2015, announced the founders of the growing #50WomentoKona movement. TriEqual will serve as a resource to support the #50WomenToKona movement for female ...
  • Icebreaker- Spirit Capri

    Icebreaker- Spirit Capri

      Icebreaker Spirit Capri Retail $99.99 www.icebreaker.com This unique legging style has been showing up more and more at CrossFit gyms and in spin classes, so we were thrilled to get our hands on the Icebreaker Spirit Capri to try them ourselves. Now we see what all the hype is about! ...
KOOBI 232T saddle review
Momentum- Oval Motivate Wrap