Beer Cozy Double Jute

This is a great addition to the quiver of super comfortable sandals from SANUK.  I really like the DOUBLE JUTE because it has the same build out as the original BEER COZY.  Your foot is resting on a reinforced YOGA MAT.  With the JUTE they have added an extra top layer that has a frayed look and feel.  The strings create a type of grip.  The surface is so comfortable.

With so many flip flops my feet start to sweat after a while.  The sweat is caused by having a smooth plastic or rubber surface pressed against the skin on the bottom of the foot.  In the DOUBLE JUTE there is the weave in the top that creates a sort of ventilation.  It is really incredible.  This surface has thin twine mashed into the surface and this creates a separation for air.

This has become my go to SANDAL because it looks unique, so comfortable and even breathable.  It is funny to say breathable about a flip flop.  After a long training run your feet need to air out.  The BEER COZY double JUTE gives great comfort and is perfect for recovery.  At $40.00 US this is a great price.  SANUK sandals last I have never had a quality issue.


As you dial in your summer footwear consider the VAGABOND chill for your cooler mountain camping and your cold mornings and evenings on the beach.

This is the right choice when things cool down a bit.  Whether you are in the middle of a cool temperature situation on the beach or you just like to have a cozy sandal when the sun goes down on your favorite mountain lake the VAGABOND CHILL keeps your foot comfortable and warm.  Right now the VAGABOND CHILL is on SALE!  Half price! $32.50 US

This is another great recovery option from SANUK.