Racebak by CAMELBAK

Racebak by CAMELBAK

“This is the most comfortable pack I have ever worn.”

The CAMELBAK racebak

I have been using CAMELBAK products for Snowboarding and Mountain Biking for 15yrs. What amazes me is the continual innovation that they bring to every product. I saw this with my first camelbak,my second, third, fourth and so on. CAMELBAK offers a variety of sizes in their hydration packs which for a gearhead like me means I can have one for each activity.

The Racebak is a unique product that has a great place in the endurance sport realm, especially for racing. The Racebak has a base layer compression top that feels just like your favorite tri top. In the back is a compartment that holds a 70 ounce Camelback reservoir. The material is breathable and comfortable for long distances.  

On my first run with it I was very pleased with how stable the full reservoir was running uphill, downhill, and through uneven terrain. The real test was what happened to the fit of the garment when the water reservoir was almost empty. I was very impressed with the secure fit of the base layer regardless of whether the reservoir was full or empty. The water is spread in the reservoir very evenly. This top is so easy to put on that it takes the same amount of time to put on a hydration belt. This is a great advantage for longer distances being able to carry hydration through T2. If you don’t want to have this waiting for you in T1 it is a great training tool. The Racebak is a great way to hydrate for the bike and the run. At a retail price of $99 this is a bit more than the cost of a hydration belt, but you cannot wear a hydration belt on the bike. Check out the video.


In addition to the slim Racebak in 2011 I had the opportunity to test the largest pack that Camelbak makes the Vantage 35. This is the most comfortable pack I have ever worn. With pressure point ventilation in back, the adventurer can stay comfortable in warm weather hiking and back packing. This pack has compression and stability straps in the most optimum locations making any load sizable and steady. This pack comes with a 100 oz. Reservoir and the Antidote™ Reservoir with Quick Link™ System. The Antidote comes in all the Camelbak systems now and is the easy way to turn flow on and off plus a quick seal turn to close the reservoir with a half turn. The Quick Link is the best part being able to disconnect the tube from the reservoir with the click of a button. This Quick Link is great to help dry out the tube and the reservoir for cleaning. I really like this modular approach because I can take a smaller reservoir and swap it out with a larger depending on what adventure we are planning.

CAMELBAK has made a huge statement with their lifetime guarantee on all these new products. The high quality and superior performance that they provide is unmatched. Go to the link below for specifics.