Hydrapak SoftFlask

Hydrapak SoftFlask

Hydrapak has stepped up the race for superior hydration with their SoftFlask series. Available in a  range of sizes, the SoftFlask series is made with a supple but durable TPU body, is BPA free and dishwasher safe (top rack).

Our tester found the SF350 (retail $18.99) to be the perfect size for cycling while keeping electrolytes close at hand, “One of my big pet peeves with standard water bottles, is the limited amount of space I have to carry them on my bike. I need the electrolytes on long rides, but also want plain water- I don’t want to have to choose. With the collapsible Hydrapak bottles, they’re soft enough to slip into my jersey pocket and I hardly know it’s there. When it’s gone, it’s easy to collapse and stuff away.”

SoftFlaskHe went on to rave about the bottle design, “With the SF500 (retail $19.99) being so soft, it’s easy to squeeze, and great for getting fluids quickly between gasping breaths. I even froze one overnight to bring as a back up on a long trail run. The dust cover for the bite valve was a sweet bonus for an afternoon on the trails.”

While it can be a bit tricky, at first, to get the top back on a full bottle without spilling, our testers all agreed that this problem was less of an issue with continued use. One tester suggested that twisting the top back and forth for a bit when you first get the bottle helped a great deal.

The SoftFlask series all come with the Hydrapak signature silicone bite valve that can be kept in a locked position when not in use. They also feature a number of carrying loops for attaching to belts, backpacks and other recreational gear. While we’re pretty big fans of Hydrapak‘s standard water bottles, as well, we may have found a new gear addiction.


For more information about the SOFTFLASK series or other Hydrapak products, go to: www.hydrapak.com



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