SALOMON has created the hydration vest that is truly like a second skin.  With front holster hydration this pack is ready for the quick movements that your ULTRA demands.  My first try using the vest I thought it might be sized wrong because it is an XL and it fit me perfectly.  After running several miles in it and dialing in the adjustments this vest becomes a part of you.

The vest comes with 2 HYDRAPAK 17oz softflasks.  The nozzle is a bite valve that allows you to gauge flow easily.  The softflask adds to the comfort of the whole system the water holds securely in the holsters.  I like the ability to squeeze the bottle without removing it all the way from the holster.  Just pull it up halfway and bite and drink.  SALOMON calls this the “shrink as you drink”.

The fit of this hydration pack is amazing.  The SENSIFIT is the stretchy construction that stretches where it needs to and holds tight where necessary.  The overall construction is super durable without any extra weight.  The pockets, the straps, zippers and clips are all very small and simple.  No excess material was used in the creation of this sleek piece of equipment.  I like the synching in the front becuase it tightens easily without dangling straps.

Storage in the vest is ample for the small sleek size.  As you fill pockets the stretchy material keeps everything pulled together.  The variety of compartments makes storage easy to access.  As you consume H20 the chest pockets squeeze the bottle so the sloshing is minimal.  The same shrinking happens for the storage.  When it is stuffed with GU energy gels then you start to use them the stretch keeps everything tight.

Breathability of this hydration pack is excellent.  The mesh material that makes up for most of the base layer is very comfortable and wicks moisture well.  All the pockets breath well.  This vest works well with water being poured over your head it will dry quickly and not take on water weight.

The  SALOMON SKIN LAB ADVANCED HYDRO 5 comes with two 17oz HYDRAPAK softflasks, a whistle, and an insulated pocket with a space blanket.  The vest is built so you could add your own vertical hydration bladder easily.  The 34 oz total makes for a lower quantity vest.  The ability to add the rear bladder doubles this amount comfortably.

This vest is really well constructed and built with movement in mind.  The only negative about this vest is the cost.  It is priced higher than any other comparable vest on the market.  It is also lighter than any other vest of it’s kind.


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